Top 5 Skin Care Products To Help Firm Your Skin Post Pregnancy

Motherhood is the most cherished phase of a woman’s life, and if you belong to this league, then you are indeed aware of it all. Besides that, you must also be mindful of the impacts of post-delivery on your skin. Rashes, sagging belly, stretch marks, and loosened skin are some common signs of post-pregnancy. Postpartum skincare becomes very much essential, hence enlisted here are the top 5 skincare products that are going to work like miracles to help firm your skin.


The goodness of nature is brought to you at an affordable price. Plum is a renowned company that makes a series of skincare products. One of their most trusted products is this overnight cream. All that you have to do is to apply it in small amounts over your face and neck and massage it gently. Repeat the process every night as a routine for your skincare after delivery, and soon you will witness glowing and much better skin after you have delivered your baby. The essential ingredients of the cream make your skin feel happy and retain its elasticity. You can now in the glory of the youthful and tightened skin like your pre-pregnancy days.

  • Works best with bedtime use.
  • No harsh ingredients are used.
  • Takes care of the skin naturally.
  • Retains the lost glow.
Plum Bright Years Restorative Overnight Cream


Reduce those ugly scars and eruptions that usually occur during your pregnancy with this skin serum from none other than Mama Earth. The serum must be used regularly to get the best results and is a great way to maintain your skincare after delivery. It has the essentials of natural ingredients like ginger extracts, which help those acnes to subside and also erase the blemishes well in time. Niacinamide is a type of Vitamin B3+ which is known as a commonly used skincare ingredient. This essential ingredient balances the natural sebum levels of your skin, and as an anti-oxidant, it reduces skin inflammation, evens out the skin tone, and shrinks the enlarged pores. As a result of these, your skin becomes firm and no longer sags.

  • It helps in fading the blemishes or patches.
  • Provides vitamin to the skin.
  • It makes the skin look younger, plumper, and happier.
  • Firms the skin by working from the deepest layers.
  • It does not contain preservatives that badly impact the skin.


Another wonder from the kitty of Mama Earth for a newly-turned mommy is this serum. Here comes magic bottled in with all the skin-rejuvenating ingredients. This serum makes sure that your skin gets the required nourishment and prevents it from sagging any further. Apply it evenly on your face and say goodbye to those wrinkles caused when your body swells up during pregnancy. The product is made with essential natural oils like Castor oil and Olive oil, which work miraculously to tighten the pores and bring back the skin to its previous form. Your skin even remains clean with the application of this serum because of the coconut extracts in it. The coconut extracts keep the pores clean of impurities and do not impact your skin. In the process, the skin gets the vital elements that strengthen it with regular usage. A must-use postpartum skincare product!

 Completely compatible with every skin type.
 Does not cause inflammation or uneasy sensations on the skin.
 No fear of rashes caused by harmful chemicals.
 Suitable for a perfect skincare regime.
 Uses natural oils to boost the loosened skin.
 Travels to the depths of the skin to make it firm from within.



Honey is a natural ingredient widely used in Ayurvedic treatments and modern sciences, too, for many health and skin purposes. Similarly, this particular honey is filled with natural goodness to replenish your skin with health. It keeps the loosened skin hydrated and moisturized by doing away with signs of aging and wrinkles. You have to apply it to your face and massage it in circular motions. You may also try to apply it to your belly since honey reduces stretch marks and firmness of the skin. The anti-oxidant-rich grape seed oil works as a miracle in making the skin plumper. Moreover, grape seed oil protects the skin from radical damages. This product must be a part of your skincare routine after delivery.

 No added preservatives or harmful chemicals.
 No fear of side effects.
 Replenishes the skin with essential qualities of natural honey.
 Moisturises the skin.
 Strengthens the skin from within.
 Returns the natural glow.


Swisse brings to you their Argan oil for a skincare routine. It has ingredients like organic Argania Spinosa kernel oil, citrus Paradisi peel oil, etc., that together make your skin feel youthful and radiant. There is no doubt about the high quality of the product, and you can apply this on your face and skin for incredible results. Once your skin regains its lost vitalities, then it begins to heal and repair on its own. Massage this oil thoroughly so that the drops of oil are absorbed into the skin, and over time, the massaging makes your skin grow firmer. This product will help you in maintaining your postpartum skincare. You can try out this bottle of oil that can make your skin look and feel rejuvenated, happy, and glowing.

 Not for the use of kids.
 Not tested on animals.
 Perfect for day as well as night skincare regime.
 Good for dry skin.
 Gives healthy skin.
 Natural ingredients are used.
 No added preservatives or harmful chemicals.

So, why wait any longer? Go get your pick and let your skin rejuvenate and go back wholly or partially to its previous form. Strengthen your skin from within and get in shape with regular exercises. Say ‘hi’ to your new life and ‘hello’ to firmer and lovelier skin!

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