While everyone talks about hair and skin care for women, somehow, men’s grooming was never extensively talked about. The trend is rapidly changing in recent times. While there is no competition, men also suffer from a lot of skin conditions and need good hair and skincare routines for their overall health. Following a careful season-specific process for men’s grooming can be the best way forward.

Winters may be the best time to eat nice food, wear those leather jackets, and travel to picturesque places. But winters are not friendly to the skin. Super cold temperatures, dry weather, and strong, cold winds make the perfect recipe for dry, flaky, and lifeless skin and hair. Even those men who otherwise have envious, flawless skins and don’t need any grooming tips also fall prey to the harshness of this weather.

There’s more to grooming tips for men than meets the eye. Just applying a regular face wash and beard oil will hardly suffice for the harsh winters. When it comes to a winter skincare regime, you have to look at the bigger picture (scrubbing, cleansing, moisturising, toning, and everything).

To add to the problems, finding effective and easy-to-follow grooming tips for men is like finding a needle in a haystack. While there is a bagful of moisturising balms, serums, chapsticks, and lotions for women to use in the winters, it is a challenge to find the right product and a set of grooming tips for men that work in every day 9 to 5 life.

So, to make your life a little easier, here are the top 5 helpful grooming tips for men to help you look the part for all your social engagements this season. Read on.

Why Are Grooming Tips for Men Different?

Before listing down the tips, let’s understand why it is important to follow a personal hygiene and skincare routine custom-made for a man’s skin. (For this one thing, following what the women in your life do is not going to help. For everything else, you can follow their choices blindly! )

Typically, men have thicker skin compared to women and are often less sensitive. However, this doesn’t mean that they are free from skin problems. Because of the differences in a man’s and woman’s skin, skincare routines and grooming tips for men vary from a woman’s skincare routine. Products that work well for women may not even seep properly in a guy’s skin, forget solving an issue. So, you must follow a skincare routine tailor-made for your skin only.

Top 5 (Easy and Effective) Grooming Tips for Men for the Winter Season

  • Warm Water Is Comfortable but Not Your Skin’s Best Friend!

Yes, ditch the long warm showers and baths (even in the winter). The hot water, while it soothes you, also does a world of bad for your skin. It strips the skin of natural oils and leaves pores open. As the weather is dry so if you end up losing natural oils, you’d need ungodly amounts of lotion to repair the damage. Take shorter, lukewarm showers with moisturising shower gels (not soaps) as much as you can. 

  • Ditch the Three-Blade Action Razor for a Gentler Body Groomer for Men

Shaving is an integral part of all grooming tips for men. However, not many men pay heed to the kind of tools they use for the job. While tons of advertisements tell you otherwise, multi-blade razors (that look like a Knight’s weapon of choice) aren’t the best way to shave, especially during the winters.

These leave the skin rugged and raw and prone to eruptions and dryness. Instead, invest in a great beard grooming kit for men for a gentler yet effective shave. 

  • Beards Are Good but Unclean, and Shaggy Beards Are Not

The world is going crazy over men who sport beards. And in winters, beards solve another problem – dry, cracked skin. But, as much you love growing a beard, you need to keep in mind the grooming that goes behind maintaining one. Some of the most effective and easy beard grooming tips for men include words like beard oils and trimmers. The ONLY way to nourish stiff facial hair is by using oils that seep right through the skin.

  • A Man’s Feet Tells a Lot About Him So Don’t Miss Out Pedicure Appointments

Since a man’s feet are not visible 90% of the time, they often tend to ignore caring for their feet. So, often many grooming tips for men ignore this critical aspect of hygiene. But for the same reason as above, their feet suffer from more problems and need more frequent grooming than women. Apply a moisturiser or cream made for cracked heels every night before sleep, change your socks frequently and get a pedicure treatment when needed.

  • Moisturisers, Scrubs, Lip Balms, After-Shave Lotions Are Different Products.

While they seem like the same things, they are not. And it is high time that you learn what is what. Follow a simple skincare routine, including the basic steps like cleansing, scrubbing, washing, toning, and moisturising to get flawless skin throughout the year, not just the winters. Invest in good quality products that are made particularly for your skin type.

Summing Up

The secret to beautiful, winter rosy skin is healthy skin. Drink enough water, eat healthily, cut down on sugar and caffeine (even if it feels like the end of the world), and invest in the right men’s personal groomer kits to dazzle through the season. You are sure to make a few dozen heads turn in the process! 

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