Prevention, they say, is better than cure. This is especially true in the case of the current coronavirus pandemic that has become the biggest threat to all of humanity today. There is no known cure so far for this disease. It started with a Covid-19 virus called SARS CoV-2 and has now mutated into different variants. The coronavirus pandemic has left a trail of infection and death that is imperative to control. The pandemic is spreading and transforming faster than vaccinations are being created for the prevention of its spread. It transpires now that the virus is transmitted primarily through larger respiratory droplets via coughing, talking and sneezing, direct contact with surfaces or infected people, and also by inhalation of airborne particles. Prevention of the spread of the virus is the best way to control this killer pandemic.


It is mandatory to wear a mask for pandemic control and prevention of the virus spreading. A mask over your mouth protects those around you if you happen to be infected. The virus is lethal. If you cough or sneeze, or even talk, it produces over 3000 droplets that could directly get into another person’s eyes, nose, mouth, etc., or land on any surface, and could spread to others through contact. Similarly, you are protected from others when you are wearing your mask properly.

Three kinds of masks are generally used for the prevention of covid-19:

  • CLOTH MASK – These are reusable after washing and can be used in public.
  • DISPOSABLE, SURGICAL MASKS – One-time use, ideally under a cloth mask, if outside the home.
  • N95 MASKS – Are used mostly in healthcare settings.

Double-masking makes the mask more efficient by improving the filtration rate. It also protects you against the more lethal, air-borne variants.

Wear a mask. Fight the pandemic.


You need to sanitise your home for better covid-19 protection during the pandemic.

When you sanitise something, it means you are cleaning as well as disinfecting a particular object or surface, by removing as many germs like bacteria and viruses as possible, and killing the rest.

Make sure to clean and disinfect surfaces that you touch the most, and those that collect the most germs. These include door and window handles, light switches, kitchen counters, tabletops, mobile phones, bathroom fittings, toilets, etc.

Wear gloves to protect yourself too while sanitizing, and dispose of the gloves afterward.


Make washing of your hands a regular habit during the pandemic. 

Sanitising your hands to rid them of germs is the best protection from covid-19, apart from masking and social distancing.

Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. To wash properly, you need to first wet your hands till just above the wrist, lather with liquid soap or a bar, and then rinse. Make sure you clean between your fingers thoroughly.

If you are outside and have touched a dirty surface, sanitize your hands with a hand sanitizer that contains 90% alcohol.

Sanitise. Fight the pandemic


Stay home during the pandemic. Let us see why. Staying home minimises the risk of contracting it, or spreading it to others if you have it.

Covid-19 positive people can be either symptomatic or asymptomatic.

a. If you stay home, you can.

b. Avoid catching the virus from others who have it.

c. Avoid spreading it to others, if you are positive.

d. Ease the burden on healthcare workers.

e. Enable hospitals to treat patients up to their capacity, without turning away critical patients due to lack of beds.

f. Allow your body to build its immune system.

g. Just stay home. You could protect yourself or save others. Fight the pandemic.


The pandemic has underlined the importance of strengthening our body’s immunity. This can be done by lifestyle modifications. Pending vaccination, immunity will protect you from covid-19, and even mucormycosis or black fungus.

Eat healthy. A modified, healthy diet is crucial. Apart from nutrients, it will also control body weight, an important covid risk factor. A well-balanced diet will give you all your daily vitamin requirements.

Instead of buying vitamin and zinc capsules, you can eat healthy fruits and vegetables with the same nutrients:

Citrus fruits for Vitamin C

Eggs and meat for Vitamin D and protein

Oily fish for heart-friendly omega-3 fatty acids 

Milk for vitamins B & D, potassium, phosphorus, apart from calcium

Fresh green, leafy vegetables for fiber, low calories, minerals, and vitamins. They also help control obesity, and diabetes risk – proven covid-19 comorbidities. 

Avoid added sugar as well. Eat healthy, fight the pandemic.


Do you drink enough water and fluids every day? You need to drink at least 3 liters a day to keep hydrated. Drinking water is important in the prevention of the pandemic spreading.

What benefits do drinking water and fluids give you?

  • Water flushes out bacteria, cleanses your system.
  • It boosts your immune system, helping blood carry oxygen to all your. body cells, including your lungs.
  • Your lymph carries nutrients and water to your blood cells.
  • It gives energy, keeping you physically and mentally alert.
  • It suppresses appetite and reduces calorie intake and obesity.
  • Drink more water, fight the pandemic.


You know that covid-19 is spread through social contact between people, or objects. You can avoid this happening by keeping your distance in social settings.

Such social distancing protects both you as well as those that have touched you, or the places you have touched or been in.

Work from home if possible, travel only if necessary, shop only for essentials, avoid groups, and stay at least 6 feet away from those that are not from your family.

Social distancing protects not just you, but vulnerable people like the elderly, and those with comorbidities.

So, maintain social distancing. Fight the pandemic.

Do stay home, eat healthy, exercise, destress, drink fluids, and sanitise. Protect yourself and others from Covid-19.

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