Besides the refreshing breeze and hot morning coffee, the cold and chilly season comes with numerous beauty snags. Hair fall during winters is one of the most common problems experienced by men and women of all ages. Winter weather is harsh for all types and textures of hair. Hair, like our skin, also needs protection from cold to look soft and healthy. Seeing chunks of hair while showering, strands of hair in your hairbrush, or hair around you is a panic-inducing moment. You might be wondering whether something is medically wrong with you or how to stop hair fall in winters. Be calm. We are here to help you.

Let’s understand why hair falls in winters and winter hair care tips to stop hair fall.

Why Does So Much Hair Fall in Winters?

The dry air in the winter season draws all the moisture from your hair and results in a dry and itchy scalp in winters. It further makes the hair dry that leads to split ends and hair fall. Dry scalp in winters leads to dandruff which results in an itchy head and hair loss. Although the winter season might be challenging for people with the healthiest hair; however, people with thin hair need to be extra cautious in the winter season as they may experience more hair loss.

The Common Hair Care Mistakes in Winters

Rather than giving little extra attention to hair in the winters, most people put hair care regimens on the back burner. According to experts, some of the common winter hair care mistakes are:

  • Showering with hot water.
  • Frequent washing of hair.
  • Going outside with wet hair during winters.
  • Using alcohol-based products such as some hair and styling sprays.
  • Choosing the wrong hat.

How to Prevent Hair Fall in Winters?

Losing too much hair in winters at once may be disturbing. However, shedding is a natural process of rejuvenation. Newer and healthier strands replace the old strands. According to the dermatologist, losing approximately 100 hairs every day is normal. Here are some tips for hair care for winters to make your hair healthy and prevent winter hair fall:

  • Avoid taking hot showers: avoid hot showers as heat can irreversibly damage hair. It removes moisture from the scalp and makes hair dry and frizzy. Always use moderately hot or warm water to maintain hair health.
  • Avoid chemical-based products: strong chemical use over prolonged periods weakens the hair follicles and changes the hair texture. They may also lead to the early greying of hair. Replace chemical products with natural and chemical-free winter hair care products.
  • Avoid frequent hair wash: frequent washing with shampoos causes dryness and irritation. Shampoo your hair twice a week. Avoid using products that are laden with sulfates.
  • Avoid heat styling tools: air dry your hair rather than using heat styling tools. The heat from the styling tools makes the hair brittle and leads to hair breakage.
  • Avoid stepping outside with wet hair: always dry your hair before stepping outside. Cold air can damage the hair so, air dry your hair or change your winter hair care routine accordingly.

Hair Care Routine for This Season

Separate hair care is needed for winters as freezing temperature makes your hair dry and breakage-prone. According to experts, serum and hair conditioners are a must for healthy hair. Effective ways for winter hair care are:

  • Hair conditioning: During cold and harsh weather, hair conditioning is crucial for hair health. You should double the amount of conditioner in the winter season to maintain the hair texture and deeply condition the hair to reduce winter hair fall. Schwarzkopf Professional BC Keratin Smooth Perfect Conditioner is an effective taming conditioner for dry and frizzy hair.

Moreover, a good serum helps protect the hair from pollution, dryness, and heat damage. Schwarzkopf Professional Osis Magic Anti Frizz Shine Serum contains silicon agents and glycerine. It gives a glossy and luminous look to your hair. The Skin Story Hair Serum Silky and Shiny Hair serum contain argan oil, almond oil, and vitamin E. This serum works as a heat protectant before styling and also protects hair from UV damage.

  • Balanced diet: A balanced diet is of utmost importance for hair health. Try to consume a diet enriched with vitamins A, E, B, and C. Moreover, drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.
  • Steaming: Regular steaming increases the moisture content of the scalp and hair. It opens the hair follicles, nourishes the hair, reduces winter hair fall, and makes hair shiny.
  • Hair mask: You can boost healthy hair and skin with regular hair mask sessions. So, try adding a hair mask to your winter hair care routine. Wella Professionals Fusion Intense Repair Mask helps protect against breakage. Further, Wella Professionals Invigo Nutri Enrich Deep Nourishing Mask contains oleic acid, panthenol, and vitamin E. It assures deep moisture-locking inside each hair follicle and protects hair from stress. 
  • Hat or scarf: Cover your hair with a hat or scarf with the lining of silk or satin to protect hair from dry air and maintain heat in winters.
  • Hair oils for winters help keep the skin moisturized and are one of the best winter hair care products. Wella Professionals Oil Reflections Luminous Smoothing Oil contains macadamia seed and avocado oil. This oil provides silkiness and subtle gloss to the hair.
  • Further, Soulflower Natural Bhringraj Oil Coconut And Sesame is 100% natural and cold-pressed oil. It controls acute hair fall, revitalizes hair follicles, and reverses premature greying. It provides deep nourishment and strengthens the hair. Further, it soothes scalp irritation and protects hair from the dryness of hair dryers, curlers, and flat irons.


To conclude, cold and dry winter weather may be unfriendly to your hair, but your friendship with healthy hair care products helps you to reverse or avoid the effects of the winter season. So this winter season, shop for hair care products and bid farewell to dry, frizzy, and damaged hair.

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