A traditional but effective way to get healthy hair

Contrary to our tendency to follow western culture, some Indian traditions and therapies are gaining worldwide attention because of their proven benefits. The best example of this is yoga, today a global trend. Ayurveda is also making its mark on the global health landscape because of the time-tested therapies and herbal preparations. Similarly, the Indian tradition to apply hair oil regularly is also attracting worldwide attention. Let us dig into some of the fascinating aspects of the process of hair oiling, its benefits, and the types of helpful hair oils.

Is Oiling Good for Hair Growth?

Hair oil benefits

The proper hair oiling method targets the scalp and hair follicles. It nourishes the roots of the hair and ensures healthy hair growth. Regular hair oiling is necessary to maintain thick and healthy hair and to prevent excessive hair fall. Hair oiling fights the effects of pollutants and aging and deals with the daily wear and tear of hair. Hair oiling blocks the gaps between cuticle cells and prevents the entry of surfactants.

Reputed hair experts opine that frequent hair oiling maintains hydration and replenishes the loss of lipids because of harsh styling treatments and other environmental factors. Hair oil benefits the hair by improving strength and manageability. Use any brand of the best hair oil for hair growth to prevent thinning of scalp hair. Regular use of hair oil helps you get rid of dandruff, fritz, and dryness of hair.

Types of hair oils

Availability of the broad spectrum of hair oils may confuse you if you are shopping for the best oil for healthy hair. The choice of hair oil depends on several factors. The selection of any particular hair oil depends on the type of hair oil and the hair problems. Coconut oil is light and offers excellent bonding with hair protein. It also penetrates deep into hair shafts. While coconut oil is the most commonly used hair oil, you can also consider the following types of hair oils for unique hair oil benefits:

  • Argan oil- It nourishes and strengthens hair with antioxidants, vitamin A, and omega-3 fatty acids. Argan oil is also a good hair conditioner.
  • Almond oil– Regular use of almond oil for hair helps boost hair growth as the hair oil is a good source of vitamin E, vitamin B, and vitamin K. 
  • Herbal oils– Hair oils made using amla, maka, and bhringraj have proven properties of boosting hair growth and preventing hair fall. Regular massaging of these oils can also reduce stress and promote natural sleep.  You may try BodyWise Hair Nourish Oil, offering a unique blend of castor oil, olive oil, and amla oil to arrest hair thinning and promote hair growth.
  • Jaborandi oil– This is a plant-based oil. It finds its applications in gels, shampoos, and other hair products. It has more therapeutic advantages than most hair oils. You can use it to arrest premature greying of hair or as hair fall control oil.
  • Sesame oil– The hair oil is rich in zinc, copper, iron, calcium, and vitamin B1. You can prefer sesame oil for the prevention of dandruff and other hair concerns like split ends. It leaves hair smooth and silky because of its hair conditioning properties.

Exclusive hair oils to address specific hair concerns

Although there are a variety of standard hair oils, as described earlier, there are several varieties of hair oils to manage different hair problems.

Oil for hair growth- Several factors hamper the growth of hair. You may consider using red onion hair oil to boost hair growth. Hair oil offers a variety of benefits to restore scalp health. Hair Growth Regime from The Man Company contains onion seed hair oil to tackle hair problems like thinning, dandruff, and dryness.

Hair oil to arrest hair fall- Hair fall is a common problem. Routine hair fall should not cause any concern. However, a significant loss of hair can lead to thinning of scalp hair. A combination of cedarwood, grape seeds, and lavender blended with essential organic oils can accelerate hair growth. MamaEarth presents hair fall control hair oil that also claims to boost hair growth.

Hair oil to prevent scalp infections- Herbal hair oils contain safe and effective natural ingredients. These oils are also effective against dandruff and other scalp conditions. Daily use of herbal oils can also arrest receding hairline. ManMatters offers natural hair-growth oil that contains bhringraj oil, shikakai oil, and onion oil.

How to Apply Hair Oil

Step by step hair oil application

The word hair oiling is a misnomer because the actual purpose is to apply hair oil to the roots. While it is true that hair oil can make your hair look shiny and healthy, the objective of hair oiling is far ‘deeper’, literally. The traditional way of applying hair oil aims at massaging the oil deep into the scalp to strengthen hair follicles.

A mother applying hair oil to her daughter’s hair is a common sight in most Indian homes. However, there is a need to understand the proper technique to apply hair oil for deriving maximum health advantages.

Step to apply hair oil:

  • Choose any of the brands of the best oil for healthy hair. 
  • Bedtime is the ideal time for hair oiling.
  • Use the tips of your fingers to ensure deeper penetration of hair oil into the scalp.
  • Make sure that you are using a circular motion while applying the hair oil.
  • Leave it overnight for better results.
  • You may cover your head with a towel. 
  • Shampoo your hair by rinsing thoroughly and gently.

The appropriate technique of massaging hair oil into the scalp delivers the nutrients and other medicinal ingredients into the roots of the hair.

Key takeaway

Hair oiling is a traditional ritual in India as daily massaging of the scalp with hair oil was a routine practice in most Indian families. We need to revive this healthy habit by considering the right hair growth oil.

Regular hair oiling by following a proper technique is necessary to maintain the health of hair. Using specific hair oils is recommended by hair experts to address different problems of hair and scalp.  Apply hair oil daily to make the hair shiny, silky, and manageable.

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