When you treat your skin so impeccably during the day, why overlook it at night? Your skin needs nurturing not just during the day but more at night and simply washing your face is not enough. Exfoliator, moisturiser, serum, and more – your skincare needs are different at night. Nothing makes us happier than waking up to radiant skin every morning. Wanting flawless and lustrous skin is nothing new. But this is not possible without following a few extremely crucial night skincare routine steps.

Too exhausted or sleepy to remove makeup or wash your face? Then, do not wait until night. Try to start your skincare steps a little early. But never skip it. Following a night skin routine diligently helps in skin restoration, which provides your skin with the strength to fight during the daytime.

Importance Of Skincare Routine At Night:

Your daytime skincare should essentially focus on protection from harsh factors like the sun, pollution, dirt, etc. But, center your skincare routine at night on restoring the damage that your skin faces during the daytime.

Night-time skin care products work best when your skin is at rest and accelerate the process of skin cell regeneration. It gives your skin more time to recover from the breakouts and inflammation.

Even if you know which products to apply for your night-time skin regimen, can you use them in any order? No. When it comes to a night-time skincare routine, the sequence is crucial. It is because the correct order ensures that your skin receives maximum benefit from every product.

When you apply these in the correct sequence, the key ingredients can effectively penetrate the epidermal layer of your skin to bring out the optimum results.

A Quick Guide To Skin Care Routine At Night:


Finding the perfect skincare routine can be challenging. Here is what an ideal night skincare routine must be like:

1. Makeup removal:

In the world of skincare, it is considered a sin to go to bed with your makeup on. So, the first step should be to remove your makeup. However, washing your face with a cleanser or a face wash is not enough. It is because most of the makeup products today are waterproof and intended to last longer. So, some of these can be stubborn. Skin experts recommend the double cleansing method, which includes using a dedicated makeup remover and a gentle facial cleanser to wash your face.

If you have dry skin, you can massage olive oil or coconut oil on your face. Then use a cotton pad to clean. For oily skin, using micellar water can help because it can lift off the makeup easily and does not leave an oily look.

2. Cleansing:

The next step, a crucial one in your night skin routine, is to cleanse your face. After you get rid of the makeup, removing the excess oil and makeup residue is necessary. It is where a cleanser can help. A water-based cleanser loosens the makeup particles so that you can rinse off everything.

Choose one according to your skin type and concern. Then, take a pea-sized amount of cleanser and massage it lightly, focusing on your t-zone. Preferably wash with lukewarm water because too hot or too cold water temperature can make your skin dull.

These two steps ensure unclogged pores and no oil or dirt remains on your skin.

3. Toning:

Those who use toner regularly will tell you how much they love its effect on their skin. Using a toner on your skin is extremely important as it hydrates your skin after you have cleared the oils while cleansing. It removes any traces of dirt, which may still be there.

Toners tighten your pores, lessening the chance of any impurities penetrating your skin.

Additionally, it balances the pH levels, refines any rough patches, and improves your skin tone. Pour a little quantity of toner on a cotton pad and apply it all over your face and neck. It gives your skin a refreshed look. This step is particularly effective if you have oily skin.

4. Using a serum:

 A serum is a concentrated formula, which delivers vital and powerful components to your skin. A very crucial step in your skincare routine at night, a serum is designed to address specific concerns like acne, wrinkles, ageing-related issues, etc.

There are brightening, hydrating and other types of serums. Choose the one that is suitable for you. For example, if you are prone to acne, a serum containing retinol or vitamin C is best for you.

Serums get easily absorbed in your skin, and using them after a toner can give excellent results. Take a small quantity and apply gently in tapping movements. It helps your skin to absorb the serum in a better way.

5. Moisturising:

No matter what your skin type is, moisturisers are a must as they provide that extra fuel to your skin. Going to sleep without it leaves your skin bare. It causes your skin’s moisture to evaporate and increases the accumulation of dry skin cells.

So, while your skin is resting, a moisturiser works on enhancing your skin cells. Many use the same moisturiser for daytime and night-time. It is wrong because moisturisers used at night are heavier and create a protective layer on your skin.

For someone with oily skin, a gel-based moisturiser is most suitable. Anything too heavy can clog the pores. When you apply moisturiser, always remember to massage your neck too.

6. Putting an eye cream:

Your night skin routine is imperfect till you add this step to it. We cannot ignore the fact that the surrounding area of our eyes is extremely delicate, the thinnest, and this is where the first signs of ageing emerge. We generally neglect it as we suppose that applying moisturiser or serum is enough. The result is dark circles, fine lines, and puffy eyes. Staring at the computer or laptop screens adds to the problems.

A good eye cream relaxes your eye area and keeps wrinkles at bay. Opt for products focused on the under-eye section, which contains peptides and antioxidants. They improve hydration and prevent the occurrence of wrinkles. Take a pea-sized amount on the tip of your finger and apply as gently as possible. Start from the innermost corner and then move outwards.

7. Face mask:

Face masks are an excellent way to provide an abundance of nourishment to your skin. Although the range of masks available can be mind-boggling, the hydrating masks are well-suited for dry skin, and clay masks are suitable if you have oily skin. The ingredients of face masks can give an intense therapeutic effect to your skin.

Masks keep the moisture intact and allow the ingredients to exfoliate, hydrate, or give a non-oily appearance. Apply face masks once or twice a week. Opt for those, which have salicylic acid if you suffer from acne, or retinoid for skin brightening, or vitamin C for fine lines.

Face masks alone cannot erase all your skin troubles. They prove more valuable when you stick to an all-inclusive skincare routine at night.

Additional Tips

Here are some additional tips to keep your skin looking healthy and lustrous for a long time.

a. Using a lip balm:

Your lips also bear the brunt of the impurities and pollution that surround you throughout the day. Remember to apply lip balm to keep your lips soft.

b. Hands and feet:

Ideally, this should be the last step of your night skin routine. Your daytime chores can put a lot of pressure on your hands and feet. Be sure to pamper them by applying a moisturiser before sleeping.

c. Beauty and feet:

Your body, skin, and mind must be in a relaxed mode when you are sleeping. It is when the cell and tissue repairing mode is active. Your sleeping hours should be 7-8 hours long, which is a key to flawless skin.

What Is The Right Time To Do A Skin Care Routine At Night?

Now that you know what you should use and in what sequence, you must also get the timing of your skincare routine at night, right.

Our habit is to indulge in night skincare right before we head to bed. However, experts say that this is not an ideal practice. You must wait for a minimum of five minutes to a maximum of 20 minutes before you go to the next step. But why would you wait? It is because the skin may take some time to absorb a few of the products. The wait time between each step ensures appropriate absorption.


The bottom line is adhering to a night skin routine promotes healthy skin. At the same time, no matter how many products experts recommend, do not feel overwhelmed to include every step every day. You are the best person who knows your skin. So, listen to your skin, and find out a simplified routine, which works the best for you.

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