When we talk about winter, our thoughts revolve around comfort: snuggling up with our woolens, sipping hot coffee, and binge-watching our favorite shows and movies. It is the holiday season, where we take time to cozy up, recuperate, and do plenty of mundane work. But for your hair and scalp, things are different during the winter. 

Winters brings several things to the table, namely a flaky and itchy scalp, dry hair, and dandruff. All these factors can weaken your hair and eventually destroy its shine.

To ensure your hair stays healthy and strong throughout the winter, you need additional steps in your routine. To help you flaunt your healthy hair with these factors in mind, we at Wellness Forever have put together eight ways on how to avoid dry hair this winter.

1. Keep your scalp moisturized

Maintaining a well-moisturized scalp can spell healthy hair and scalp in the long run. The simplest solution is to apply an oil or cream to your hair as part of a consistent hair care routine.

However, the abundance of choices in the market can make it overwhelming and difficult for anyone to choose what best suits them. In light of the harsh nature of winter, your hair deserves a product that penetrates deep into your scalp and can be beneficial in treating damaged hair. Coconut oil stands to be the perfect, evergreen solution as a dry scalp remedy.

2. Keep your hair dry when you go out

Winter is an extremely drying weather condition. When you go out with wet hair, the cold will rob it of its moisture and weaken it, thus causing damage.

If you are someone who takes morning showers and struggles with drying their hair, consider washing your hair in the evenings. By the following day, your hair will dry entirely. Thus, this is one of the pivotal steps on how to avoid dry hair.

You can also opt for some of the best dry shampoos to avoid having wet hair completely. However, do not use them more than 2–3 times a week, as overuse can leave your hair more prone to breakage.

3. Get regular haircuts

People often take haircuts when their hair begins to bother them. It is crucial to trim your hair regularly to keep your hair looking healthy and prevent split ends. The moisture-robbing effect of winter causes more breakage due to split ends.

Therefore, if you have long hair, you should consider getting a haircut every three months. If you want to keep short hair, consider getting a haircut every month.

4. Don’t use shampoo too often

You may be having the best shampoo for dry hair or the best shampoo for damaged hair, but using shampoo too often can have its repercussions as well.

Shampoos are curated to strip off the excess dirt from your scalp to keep it clean. However, if you use shampoo too often, it might strip off the natural oils in your scalp. Two or three times per week is the ideal frequency for using a dedicated shampoo for dry hair.

5. Always condition your hair

Ideally, you should use a conditioner following a shower or shampooing your hair. You must not skip this step in your hair care routine during the winter.

While shampoo washes away the impurities and grime from your hair, it also strips off its moisture. Conditioner helps restore your scalp’s pH and oil balance. For hair that feels nourished and hydrated for a prolonged period, incorporate a specialized conditioner in your hair care routine that locks in moisture for the scalp.

Take a look at the Dermstrust Hair Conditioner, and surprisingly, you will notice the moisture restored in your scalp.

6. Include vitamins and healthy fats in your diet

Caring for your body inside-out is crucial. Vitamin C is one of the most vital vitamins required for a healthy scalp. Its antioxidant properties reduce free radical damage, protect against split ends and breakage, and promote healthy, lustrous hair. If you are looking for food with abundant Vitamin C, choose citrus fruits and dark leafy greens.

Omega-3 fatty acids supplement your hair care routine by lending additional health and shine to your hair. However, your body cannot produce them on its own. So, include sardines, salmon, avocado, nuts, or avocados in your diet for these healthy fats.

7. Wear a cap

The chilly dry air and low humidity can be tormenting to your hair. Always wear a cap or suitable headcovers while going outside to protect your hair.

If you experience hair breakage using a headcover, try using one made of silk or satin that reduces the intensity of friction.

8. Apply a hair mask every week

Applying a hair mask to dry hair is considered one of the best dry scalp remedies. Turn to hair masks once or twice a week. These hydrating treatments will help bring back the bounce while making your hair look healthy and shiny. Masks like Wella Professionals SP Repair Mask can aid your quest on how to avoid dry hair.

Follow a dedicated hair care routine with all the remedies discussed above, to keep your hair lustrous and full of life. The key is consistency. Using this approach will prevent excessive hair breakage and weakening.

The most effective answer to how to avoid dry hair is hydration, inside and out. As repetitive as it may seem, drink plenty of water to keep your skin and hair hydrated. Additionally, we at Wellness Forever carry a variety of products that have proven to be effective for tackling the difficulties of dry hair, from specialized shampoos for dry hair to tips for hair treatment for damaged hair.

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