Indulging yourself in a session of manicure and pedicure is a great way to feel relaxed and pampered. However, beauty treatment and salon services these days are too expensive! So, if you are trying to save some money or visiting a salon is simply not an option, then it is about time that you master the skill of carrying out a manicure and pedicure at home. Follow these easy steps and tips for the perfect at-home spa experience.


A manicure refers to a soothing beauty treatment of the hands. In the process, your nails are cut, filed, and shaped. The care regime includes pushing back the cuticles, tidying them, and a therapeutic hand massage. The final step is for beautifying the nails, wherein they are painted with the colour of your choice.

Since hands are more exposed to dirt and harsh weather, they tend to show wrinkles faster than the face. Frequent manicures, therefore, ensure overall health and hygiene of the hands. It not only gives your hand a perfectly polished look but also improves the texture of the skin. Moreover, maintaining your hands with regular manicures helps you look well-groomed and presentable, thus instantly enhancing your appearance.


The neatness and cleanliness of our feet, especially toenails can often be neglected, and this is where pedicure comes to the rescue. It is a comprehensive package that involves cutting nails, shaping them, caring for cuticles, massaging the feet, and if desired painting the toenails.

Besides keeping your feet hydrated and healthy, pedicures help in the prevention of nail disorders like ingrown nails and cater to cracked heels. The benefit of frequent pedicure doesn’t stop here! Regular pedicures help in removing calluses of the feet. Calluses are caused by persistent pressure and friction on particular parts of the feet. Getting a pedicure regularly assists in detecting nail or fungal diseases; so that you take precautionary measures at an early stage.


With the correct tools and a little practice, you will be on your way to achieving a brilliant manicure and pedicure. Here are the 10 tools that you need to gather for a salon level manicure and pedicure at home:

  1. Nail clipper/ Cutter
  2. Cuticle pusher
  3. Cuticle remover
  4. Cuticle nipper
  5. Cuticle oils and creams
  6. Nail buffer
  7. Nail file/ Shaping tools
  8. Exfoliator/ Pumice stone/ Foot file
  9. Toe separator
  10. Mild scrub

You can get these individual grooming tools at your nearest medical store. You can also buy a  manicure and pedicure kit that includes all the basic supplies. Now, take a look at the purpose of each tool. Let’s begin!

1. Nail clipper/ cutter:

A nail cutter is the most basic tool you need for a home manicure or pedicure. Though it is found in every household, a proper functioning nail clipper is vital for the process. Trimming down nails from time to time is necessary as they are the dirtiest part of the body and also a breeding ground for bacteria.

2. Cuticle pusher:

Our cuticles need more care so they don’t become dry, scaly, or flaky. A cuticle pusher helps to remove excess cuticle growth from the nail bed and also helps in sealing the ends. Metal cuticle pushers make an ideal option, but if you have softer cuticles, opt for a wooden one instead.

3. Cuticle remover:

A cuticle remover helps in softening the skin around the nail; therefore, it must be applied before using a cuticle pusher.

4. Cuticle nipper:

Used for trimming down ingrown nails and to deal with tough cuticles and dry skin, this product ensures a perfect nail ending. It offers great precision, thus enabling the removal of the unwanted soft tissues that surround the nails.

5. Cuticle oils and creams:

Tools like cuticle nipper, remover, and pusher leave the skin dry. It is therefore important to use some oil (such as coconut, flaxseed, or olive oil) or moisturising cream which will keep your hands soft. These oils and creams will keep the skin and tissues from damage.

6. Nail buffer:

Ever wondered how some people have perfectly smooth, shiny, and glossy nails? Well, the secret is an appropriate buffer. This tool removes the dullness from nails by peeling out the dry ridges and fixing a cracked nail. The main job is to polish the nails and give them a consistent look.

7. Shaping tools/ Nail file:

As the name suggests, the shaping tool helps you shape your nail by grinding down the edges of the nail and making them smoother. Shaping tools include two main gears: a nail file or an emery board. For beginners who are starting to try manicure and pedicure at home, we suggest you use basic and easy emery boards. These boards are gentler as compared to metal files.

8. Pumice stone/ Foot file:

For taking a pedicure at home, these tools are a must. A pumice stone helps to remove calluses and dry skin that mounts up mainly in the heels and bottom of the feet. The rough design of foot files aids in getting rid of cracked skin.

9. Toe separator:

Painting the toe isn’t an easy job! To avoid the mess while applying nail polish on your toes, just place this tool between your toes. The paint won’t smudge! Additionally, this separator comes in with a host of health benefits; it helps in realigning joints, straightening bent toes, and even increasing blood circulation.

10. Mild scrub:

Just as you exfoliate your face, it is necessary for your hands and feet as well. Using a mild scrub will remove the dead cells present on the outermost layer of skin.

5 Steps for manicure and pedicure at home

So, are you ready to get that insta-worthy manicure and pedicure at home? To make the treatment all the more comfortable for you to carry out, we have chalked out 5 easy-to-do steps:

Step 1:

To begin with, ensure your toenails and fingernails are clean and polish-free. Next, take a nail clipper or a filer and shape your nails to the appropriate or preferred length. Up next comes the buffing block, smoothen out your nails using the nail buffer.

Step 2:

Now, it’s the time to exfoliate. Soak and scrub your hands with a mild scrub. Gently scrape out the dry and dead cells.

A quick tip: Soak your hands for 3 and feet for 5 minutes.

Step 3:

Moderately massage your cuticles with a few drops of cuticle oil. By this time your cuticles should be soft, so now gently push them back with the help of a cuticle pusher.

Step 4:

Apply the essential base coat to hydrate and protect nails from chipping. It just needs one thin coat. After a few minutes, apply two more thin layers of nail paint. Once dry, paint a top coat to add more shine to your nails.

Step 5:

Finally, the best part! Lay on your couch, chill, and don’t touch anything. For a perfect finish, you can apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly to your toenails and fingernails. This would also accelerate the drying process. With that your professional manicure and pedicure are complete!

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